Teams for 16/11/13 – White Ribbon Awareness Round

1st XI University

Yates, Goonan, Burns, Hopkinson, Ward, George, Cartledge, P Jeffrey, Sandwith, G Trevenen, Ganley

2ndXI Vic Park 2

Vandebyl, McLeod, J Trevenen, Coffey, Hobbs, Sharp, Achison, Barnes, Nicholson, G Temby, Feros, Dooley

3rd XI Mt Clear 2

Burfurd, Jennings, P Tuddenham, Snowden, Drain, Carter, Brodie, Talbot, Davey, Williams, Pickles, Humphrey

4th XI Victoria Park 1

S Jeffrey, Peverill, Hughes, Carton, Woodhead, Cations, Roberts, Cook, Hudson, M Tuddenham, Langston, Brennan

5th XI Victoria Park 9

Zaxos, McCaw, Sedman, Young, Ross Alexander, Joyce, L Jeffrey, N Hucker, W Hucker, S Temby, Robinson.

U16 Gold Mt Clear 2

L Berrigan, S Rasmussen, B McKinnon, J Brodie, A Domic, C Dowie, J Feeny, J Gallagher, N Hucker, T Humphrey, M Tuddenham
U14 Gold – Bye

I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women

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