A New Page in the Club’s History Books

With the 1st’s, 2nd’s, 3rd’s and 5th’s making their way through to their respective Grand Finals, a new page in the rich history of Mt Clear CC has been written. It is understood that never before have 4 senior sides successfully made Grand Finals in the same season.  Congratulations to those teams who are now part of history and commiserations to George and his boys for just finishing short of making yet another Grand Final. They should be proud of their consistency over the past decade.

However for the sides who have made it through, the ultimate prize awaits. It will take plenty of skill, courage and Mountie pride to obtain the goal of a flag, and we know you can win and win well for yourselves and the Club. For those players who have finished and our many supporters we hope to see you at the various grounds over the next two weekends. Go Mountie!

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