Bertha Cup – Training Award

Spratling Family Trophy

2015/2016Brandon Walsh
2014/2015Anthony Wilksch
2013/2014Aaron Sharp
Liam Carter
2012/2013Ned Talbot
2011/2012Craig Holloway
2010/2011Jarrod Rodgers
2009/2010Ricky Burns
2008/2009Ash George
2007/2008Cameron Snowden
2006/2007Ash George
2005/2006Ash George & Liam Paige
2004/2005Paul McKee
2003/2004Cameron Snowden
2002/2003Lincoln Stephen
2001/2002Andrew Nicholson
2000/2001Brendan McGavin
1999/2000Ben Hucker, Andrew Vandebyl & Brendan McGavin
1998/1999Shane Warke
1997/1998Anson Pellissier
1996/1997Shaun Jeffrey
1995/1996Danny Illingworth
1994/1995David Roberts
1993/1994Bevan McLeod
1992/1993Jeff Rieniets
1991/1992Jeff Rieniets
1990/1991Jeff Rieniets
1988/1989Peter Sutherland
1987/1988David Peverill
1985/1986David Peverill
1984/1985Col McCahon

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