Calcutta Night

This Saturday will see the next social function at the club rooms. The feature of the night will be the Calcutta auction. The Golden Duck Race will also be on from 7pm with a visit from Santa about 7:30pm The Calcutta will work like this – people/groups will be able to bid on and buy pre-set groups of Mt Clear players. These players will then earn the buyer money based on B&F votes won through the home and away season. The groups are –

Group 1

Nathan Yates

Cameron Snowden

Lucas Rais-Colvin

Craig Holloway

Group 2

Matt Goonan

John Frdelja

Dave Roberts

Tim McLeod

Group 3

First XI Wildcard*

Andrew Vandebyl

Ned Talbot

Shaun Jeffrey

Group 4

Daniel Hopkinson

John Carton

Matthew Drain

John Barnes

Group 5

Second XI Wildcard*

Bryce Humphrey

David Peverill

Shaun Coffey

Group 6

Fourth XI Wildcard*

Steven Nicholson

Aaron Burfurd

Matthew Clark

Group 7

Third XI Wildcard*

Ash George

John Woodhead

Dan Tebble

*The Wildcards represent the vote gathered in that grade excluding the named players.

The night will also feature the ‘Golden Duck Race’. Ducks are available from Steven Nicholson with prizes awarded to the top three place getters.

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