Mt Clear AGM
Date of event: Wednesday July 29, 2020

The Mt Clear CC Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 9 at the Red Lion from 11:00am. 


Given the current situation surrounding COVID, we have a maximum of 20 people allowed at the event in person. 


To allow as many people as possible to participate in the meeting, we are setting up a Zoom conference allowing people to tune in and have their say virtually.


The issue around numbers permitted at the Red Lion in person is one we need to evaluate subject to demand. We accept there are a number of members who may not be able to access the meeting via Zoom. Such members will be given priority access to a spot at the Red Lion. 


We currently have eight positions available. We ask for members to express their interest in attending the meeting "in person" or via Zoom to either Ned, on 0458 506 695 or Tigs, 0419 306 399. 


From there we will evaluate and either provide a place at the Red Lion or give the Zoom meeting ID for you to use on the day. 


Hope to see you all on the 9th either in person or on screen. 

Last updated: Tuesday July 28, 2020
Author: Ned Talbot