Mountie Poll - Player Pre-Season Statuses
Date of Event Mt Clear Cricket Club: Thu Jul 16, 2020 9:01PM

With the 2020/21 season just around the corner, some investigative journalism was undertaken to uncover what measures players were taking to ensure they were fit and ready for the new year. 

Braving COVID and the cold, the following answers were uncovered. The answers were fascinating. 

  • Nathan Yates: lighting darts and getting cosy with Jack and his mate Daniel
  • Brandon Walsh: started my own business unblocking people’s pipes with the crap they flushed down the dunny when there was no bog roll. I’m pulling out wet wipes, sponges, pressure washers, dental floss…. I need a holiday.
  • Jeremy Cross: doing four n twenty a day. (Interviewer: sets of something, like an exercise?, JC: No, just the four n twenty pies. Interviewer: I thought you like Kentucky?, JC: Well four n twenties for lunch, KFC for tea. Interview: I see.)
  • Jed Millard: counting down the days until Bluestone is reopened.
  • Jaidyn Achison: I have taken up a new hobby, knitting. Yell out if you know of anyone needing scarfs or mittens.
  • Grant Trevenen: Changing nappies
  • John Butler: Helping Boof change nappies
  • Shaun Jeffrey: Corona what?
  • Darren Fletcher: Pinching all the BFL players for Skipton
  • Aaron Sharp: playing Call of Duty online
  • Liam Hastie: debating with myself in isolation on the pros and cons of the Andrews government and the effectiveness of its response to the current COVID-19 crisis.
  • Matthew Ward: thanking God gyms have reopened
  • Ash George: Enjoying the process of teaching online. It’s lovely, really lovely.
  • Matt Goonan: Rebuilding my helmet and Mountie cap for added protection against concussion.
  • Anthony Tigchelaar: chin ups and burpees
  • Paull Jeffrey: sprints down my street with the shirt off
  • John Frdelja: sinking VB’s
  • Steve Nicholson: doing everyone else's push up challenges
  • Jack Tigchelaar: wiping down the puffer jacket and getting inventive in front of the mirror with hair gel ready for that first night on the town.
  • Garry Cook: Dunno….
  • Sam Giblett: practicing my back swing. I want a six bigger than Hyatt's this year.
  • Craig Holloway: Been practicing a new shot, it’s a leave very similar to Steve Smith’s. Stay tuned…..

Last updated: Thursday July 16, 2020 9:09PM
Author: Ned Talbot